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“MOMAG lawyers, is a law firm that brings together diverse profesional experience and backgrounds of its different areas of pubñlic law and regulated industries. We provide a unique profesional service that takes into consideration the added complexity of legal transactions involving state decisions”

MOMAG provides our clients a specialized service in which our partners are directly involved with the legal matters throughout the advisory process. We offer our clients an effective, convenient, and pragmatic legal advice that best serves their interests.

Our partner have both profesional experience in private and public sectors mainly in administrative and regulated industries, adn other areas of law such as: energy, urban planning, public Works, concession contracts, foreign investment, consumer´s law, administrative proceedings, telecommunications, natural resources, public procurement, and corporate government.

One of its founding partners, Ramiro Mendoza Zúñiga, is the former Contralor General de la República (General comptroller of the Republic). Mr. Mendoza is considered both locally and internationally one of the most distinguished practitioners in public law and regulated industries. His advice is constantly being sought in most complex legal cases arising in the country.

Our Firm has been featured in different specialized publications, among others, Cámara, Chile, Derecho Público, Banda 2, 2024.